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Haaartland is a platform with a purpose. Our purpose is to create more togetherness between people. When you are using the platform, you are accepting this purpose and you are responsible to act in accordance with this purpose.

About team haaartland and our mission together with you

We are a small team up in the Nordics that work hard together with a growing number of users (you :) to create a unique platform. A safe space for any group of people you want to bring together in trustful collaboration. Scandinavian simple. Affordable for all. And, we need your help in keeping the platform live up to it’s purpose :)

No ads, no ad-tracking

One of the problems when you use traditional social networksis the ad-model. In order to keep them “free” you are tracked by advanced software, in some cases even your private messenger conversations with your spouse, friends are tracked. Your data is sold to third parties. And ads are targeted towards you. We think is pretty un-cool. So, haaartland is different – we have no ad-tracking software and we do not sell data to third parties.

Play nice – we are all different

When you think about it, the word “self-evident”means ‘evident to yourself’ – not for others. This means that you will find people on this platform that have other opinions than you. Have a respectful tone, pep rather than judge, listen and learn play nice. To support togetherness we need to have a grown-up dialogue. Basic manners, that will be enough.

Your content is your content

You retain rights to any content you post on haaartland. We license it from you for free to be able to show it on our platform. You are responsible for posting content on the haaartland that you own, other’s content is a no-no.

Community owners, members and haaartland

Community owners – the person/organization that sets up a community that you join as member - often adopt ‘house rules’to help the community feel safe and thrive. Please respect these and be aware that a community owner has the right to terminate your membership if you do not comply with these rules – or the general purpose of haaartland. Also, haaartland might close a community if the community owner does not rectify behavior inside a community that is in violation with the haaartland purpose, e.g. ‘play nice’ rules.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below.
c/o United Spacers
Klarabergsviadukten 63
111 64 Stockholm
The Nordics